The Total Screening Source: Wire cloth (Wire Mesh) Products

Since 1946, Flynn & Enslow has been both a manufacturer and a distributor of woven wire cloth, also known as wire mesh. As one of the few weavers of wire cloth, Flynn & Enslow is in the unique position to offer a wide range of woven wire cloth products for a variety of applications. From stainless steel wire mesh, to materials such as plain steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Galvanized metals, Flynn & Enslow is ready to serve your needs.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh and other wire cloth products can be woven on our 10-Foot wide loom, if your application requires. For filtration– depending on your sizing requirements–wire mesh can be woven from 6” mesh for light filtration, all the way down to the finest 12 mesh for fine particulate. Wire diameters range from ½” down to .028.

Wire Mesh Inventories & Fabrication

Large wire mesh inventories are maintained in our San Francisco and Long Beach warehouses, allowing specialized requirements to be fulfilled with minimum lead times. Our geographical locations and access to port facilities enable us to serve both national and international markets.

Further Fabrication is offered to include: rolling, forming, shearing, welding, brazing, and similar fabrications.

With changes in building codes, wire mesh has become one of most widely sought after products for architects and designers. In the Building Industry, woven wire cloth has many versatile uses.

Flynn & Enslow manufactures for such applications as:
Sound Abatement, Railing Infills, Decorative Uses, Security /Detention, Sun Screening, Partitioning, and Elevator cages.

Wire mesh is used in many Industrial applications including:
Sizing of Particulate, Straining, Drying of Solids, Filtering Decontaminate, Heat Treating, and Heavy Equipment Operator and Parts Protection.

In the Rock & Gravel or Mining Industry woven wire cloth has long been a staple for such things as: Operator Protection, Dewatering, all levels of Grading, and Guards for machines.

Whatever your usage, whether it is stainless steel wire mesh–or any of our other woven wire cloth products, Flynn & Enslow is your Total Screening Source.

Contact us today and see why a variety of industries have chosen Flynn & Enslow as their vendor for top quality wire mesh products since 1946.




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