The Total Screening Source: Hardware Cloth, Insect Screens, Poultry Netting, Aviary Netting, and More…

Since 1946, customers in the the wholesale hardware and ranching industries have chosen Flynn & En slow for a wide range of hardware products—for a wide variety of needs. With Distribution centers in both Northern and Southern California, we have the flexibility to supply a broad range of products for immediate delivery.
Some of the most common Flynn & En slow Hardware Products include:

Hardware Cloth

Flynn & Enslow’s premium grade hardware cloth is zinc galvanized, making it ideal for those industrial applications requiring corrosion protection.
Galvanizing hardware cloth ensures consistent wire spacing, while also providing strength and rigidity. This makes Flynn & Enslow’s hardware cloth ideal for use as drying racks, liners, vent and louver covers, wire lathing, cages, window guards, and other protective enclosures.
Hardware cloth products are available in mesh sizes ranging from 1/2 in. x 1/2 in., 1/4 in. x 1/4 in. or 1/8 in. x 1/8 in., 24 in. to 72 in. width with 5 ft. to 100 ft. length.

Insect Screens

A complete line of insect screens with your choice of coatings is stocked in both our Northern and Southern California locations. Choose from:

  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Galvanized
  • Fiberglass
  • Solar Guard
  • Plain Steel
  • Electro-Alodized

for your specific insect protection requirements.

Aviary Netting

Flynn & Enslow’s aviary netting is hot-dipped galvanized to provide maximum protection against corrosion. This hardware product is a good choice for Bird Runs, Home & Garden, and Pest Control.

Poultry Netting

Stocked in both Northern and Southern California, Flynn & Enslow’s poultry netting is uniform to hold its shape when stretched, and easily installed. This makes it the ideal product for poultry cages, temporary fences, and partitions.

Welded Fabric

A versatile product for all types of farm and home applications. Some popular uses are cages, fences, machine and window guards, livestock shade panels, partitions, corncribs and temporary pens.

Soffit Screen

Wire and Woven Wire products are available, with custom slitting for copper and stainless steel soffit screen

 Other Products

PVC Coated Welded Fabric comes in standard black and green with custom colors available on request. PVC Coated Welded Fabric is a great look for fencing or cages and also provides corrosion resistance.

Some of the other hardware products Flynn & Enslow offers include:
● Solid Galvanized Wire
● Lawn & Garden Products
● G.B. Welded Fabric

So many hardware products, so many different applications. Why not contact us today and let our customer service experts help you find the correct product for your application? After all, we’ve been doing this since 1946–earning the reputation as “The Total Screening Source.”



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