1. DIAMETER — Specify required outside or Inside Diameter of Screen Section in inches. (See Illustration below.)
  2. LENGTH — Specify required length of Section in inches. (See Illustration below.)
  3. SEGMENTS — If segments are required, specify number of segments to each section and length. Also advise if butt or lap joints required.
  4. ARRANGEMENT OF PERFORATIONS — Staggered against flow is standard, advise if otherwise. (Note: Flow is considered parallel to circumference of screen section.


To order, list the following:

  1. Width
  2. Length
  3. Chord
    • Opening Size
    • Opening Spacing (Hole center)
    • Material — HR, S/Steel, Etc.
    • Material Thickness
    • Dimension of Blank Margins, If Required
    • Blank Margins (usually not required), Additional Cost If Margins Are Required