BOND EDGES: Thermal-sealed Tape Edge for finer mesh with wire size. 011″ and smaller.

STA-BOND EDGES: Thermal sealed Tape Edge for heavier grades of wire cloth with wire size .012″ and larger.

PURE-BOND EDGES Natural clear plastic edge for use in food processing operations where FDA approval is required.

Flynn & Enslow fabricated screen panels are commonly used in the following industries:

Minerals: silica operations, sand and other substances.

Rendering: processing meat and bones.

Plastics: scalping and grading resins.

Grain: sizing and seed cleaning.

Pulp, paper and wood processing

Food Processing: sizing and dewatering.

Our reinforced edging is applied by thermal-sealing the edge material into the wire cloth. The screen may be stretched tighter, under greater tension. This results in more production, less blinding and less screen failure.

When ordering edges, be sure to advise if USFDA acceptable edges are required. The illustrated edge types are excellent in applications where unraveling of outer edges of wire cloth is prevalent and edges need to be reinforced. Other types of edges are available on request.

We have placed emphasis on edging relating to wire cloth. However, there are many applications in which perforated metals are used. These applications are outlined in our Perforated Materials catalog.


  1. SPECIFIC MAKE OF MACHINE — Model Number and size.
  2. QUANTITY— Number of pieces
  3. SIZE — Overall dimensions of screen.
    • Square Opening – Specific fractional or decimal space required.
    • Slotted Opening – Specify fractional or decimal space required in both opening is parallel to.
    • Mesh. – Specify number of openings of an inch or U.S.S. steel gauge for steel, stainless or aluminum.
  5. WIRE OR GAUGE — In decimals of an inch or U.S.S. steel gauge for steel, stainless or aluminum, (whichever applies).
  6. TYPE OF MATERIAL — Specify type of material: Plain Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Galvanized, etc.
  7. EDGE PREPARATION — Canvas, plastic, etc.
    Grommets: Please specify material, shape, size and arrangement of grommets.
  8. TOLERANCE — If your application requires specific tolerances for width, length, squareness or similar specifications it is important to specify while ordering.
  9. FURTHER FABRICATION — Rolling, forming, shearing, welding, brazing and similar fabrications are available at the factory.
  10. REPEAT ORDERS — When a previous order is to be duplicated, please give the invoice number, p.o. number and date of the original order.


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