Our Mining /Processing products include:

  • Heavy Duty Perforated Plate
  • Scalping Deck
  • Reinforcing or Backing Plate/Formed Backing Plate
  • Shaker Screens with Optional Reinforcing Bars
  • Flanged Lip Screens
  • Dewatering/Desanding Screens
  • Welded Perforated Screens for Centrifugal Dryers
  • Perforated Elevator Buckets
  • Center Hold Down Rails
  • Side Tension Rails
  • Vor-Siv Dewatering and Classifying Device


  • Extended wear wife
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding screening efficiency
  • Lower cost per ton
  • Reduced binding/plugging
  • Widest aperture selection
  • Ease of installation
  • No deck modification necessary
  • Reduced noise levels

Download Aggregate Screen Plate Order Form (2.6 MB)